About Us

The Stannah Group purchased the manufacturing operation from one of our suppliers so we have inherited a business with a strong, 30-year history in upholstered products for a wide range of customers; Stairlifts, Arenas, Schools, Cinemas and Theatres to name a few. We have a highly skilled and experienced team that is flourishing with the support of being part of a larger group.

The Stannah Group aims to be recognised as leaders in reputation for safety, quality of service and product design. We have always prided ourselves on our strong and distinctive culture. We believe that by developing and investing in this culture – which is rooted in our history as a family-owned business – we will give our customers first-class service, sustain valued partnerships with our suppliers and enable our employees to have pride and commitment in their work. We uphold strong ethical principles – a dedication inextricably linked to the values passed down through generations of the Stannah family. Because we regard ethical practice as vital to professional business, we aim to observe the highest standards of responsible behaviour in all our dealings with employees, suppliers, customers and the wider community.

As part of the Stannah Group’s sustainability culture, Global Upholstery Solutions have also expanded into refurbishment, because we believe in protecting the earth’s scarce resources to reduce our environmental impact. Re-using existing products but making them beautiful again, or redressing a tired space, is a far more sustainable way to achieve design goals and it is also more cost effective for our customers.